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Ошибка в вопросе

Вопрос 8: Монтереджоне.

    Перед вами итальянский городок Монтереджоне. На рубеже XIII-XIV веков его посетил посол одного из итальянских городов, ведущих непрерывную междоусобицу. Вельможа безуспешно пытался склонить жителей городка на свою сторону. Раздосадованный неудачей, он дал городу крайне нелестное сравнение. Догадавшись, кто был этот вельможа, назовите, с чем был сравнен городок?

Ответ: С кругом ада.

Зачёт: 9-й круг ада; круг ада (без указания номера).

Комментарий: Посол — Данте — пытался склонить Монтереджоне на сторону Флоренции в войне против Сиены. Он сравнил Монтереджоне с девятым кругом ада. "Божественная комедия", "Ад", песня 31:
    Как башнями по кругу обнесен
    Монтереджоне на своей вершине,
    Так здесь, венчая круговой заслон...
    Словарь Ожегова: ВЕЛЬМОЖА, -и, м. В старое время: знатный и богатый сановник. Царские вельможи.
    Canto XXXI: Summary: Dante and Virgil continued on towards the ninth circle. Dante was nearly deafened by a gigantic bugle blast, and seemed to see a city surrounded with towers in front of them (because it was quite dark it was hard to see far). Virgil told him that it was not a city: what he thought were towers were really giants, standing in the central pit so that Dante could see them from the waist up. Coming closer, Dante saw that this was true, and he was thankful that Nature made no more giants, and that the only large animals were inoffensive, like elephants and whales. A giant shouted Raphel mai amecche sabi almi, but Virgil told him to blow the bugle strapped across his chest instead. He was Nimrod, whose fault it was that different peoples spoke different languages. His own language was unlike any on earth. Another giant's arms were tied fast, one behind and one in front, by a massive chain. He was Ephialtes, who had rebelled against Jove. Dante wanted to see Briareus, but instead they spoke to Antaneus, who was not chained. Virgil asked Antaneus to pick him and Dante up and put them down in the ninth circle at the bottom of the pit. In exchange Dante would give him fame by telling about him on earth. Antaneus hastily did so.

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Автор: Лев Файвишевский

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