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Ошибка в вопросе

Вопрос 13:

Раздаточный материал

    Фрагменты письма CEO Sun Джона Шварца, отправленного всем сотрудникам после присоединения компании к Oracle:
    Believe it or not, it's been more than nine months since Oracle first announced their intent to acquire Sun in April, 2009. And the 'interim' period has been tough on everyone — on our employees, and our partners and customers.
    Even though we're not quite across the finish line, I wanted to leave you with a few final thoughts.
    All in all, it's been an honor and privilege to work together. In my more than twenty years in the industry, the last thirteen at Sun, I've had a chance to work with and around an enormous diversity of companies, from every sector you can imagine.
    Technology from Sun, alongside our employees and partners, have changed the world. We've opened markets, elections and economies.
    I also know we've had more than our share of very tough challenges. Amidst the toughest market and customer situations imaginable, I'm proud we've always acted with integrity, with a sense for what's right, and not simply what's expedient. <...>

    С какой буквы начинается седьмой абзац этого письма?

Ответ: M.

Комментарий: Это акрописьмо. Покидающий Sun Шварц призывает продолжить работу на высоком уровне и: "BEAT IBM" — "Победите IBM", главного конкурента компании в компьютерной сфере.


Автор: Егор Цалкович (Москва)

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